Mary Stuart Hall at MINT, Atlanta

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Mary Stuart Hall was featured in MINT's annual juried exhibition, Here to Go, this past January and was selected as the recipient of a solo exhibition, coming up this January! Hall has been working on her installation at Freeside. 

Mary Stuart Hall was born and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. She graduated from the Sewanee, The University of the South in 2004 majoring in Art. She then received her Master of Art Education from the University of Georgia in 2013 and is currently working as the middle school art teacher at the Galloway School. Mary Stuart’s work deals with the expression and construction of text as a moving object always in the state of becoming. Her work ranges from explorations of the symbolic to the representational mediation of text and its permutations.

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"While we may want to qualify art in terms of its object-hood, in reality the art is both of the object and outside the object; it exists in the experience every person has who interacts with it. Art does not live in the object; it lives in the stuff of everyday life made new. At its heart my work is both the result and pursuit of inquiry; the inquiry that drives a dialogue between my ideas and their physical manifestation. My work explores text as a construction and how a unique representation of text can add to or change the original content of the text. While our personal encounter with a work of art is constructed from our individual experiences, my work seeks to investigate the intersubjectivity that comes from that encounter and how an typically individual encounter with text can become a common experience." - Hall

MINT was founded in 2006 by Erica Jamison, a film student at Georgia State University. Shortly after incorporating, she partnered with several other SCAD and UGA students, found exhibition space and began working to enrich the Atlanta arts community. Currently, MINT is run entirely by a volunteer staff of 3 in addition to a small group of interns.

MINT has worked with more than 200 artists, hosted upwards of 60 exhibits and partnered with numerous organizations such as BurnAway, Flux Projects, Dance Truck, and Young Blood Gallery and Boutique. 

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